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  • Camping trip (on Cress' facebook page): our first family camping trip with two kiddies (Oct. 2014).

  • Christmas 2013 (on Cress' facebook page): Christmas time with the whole family in Goldenholm, Yass (Dec. 2013).

  • Felix gallery: birth of our second bub Felix (plus some extra shots of Daniel!).

  • Daniel aged 1 (on Cress' facebook page): various snapshots of Daniel at the time of his first birthday (Aug. 2012).

  • Trip East 2012 (on Cress' facebook page): long weekend on the East coast (Feb. 2012).

  • Christmas 2011 (on Cress' facebook page): family gathering at the Wilson's for Christmas (Dec. 2011).

  • Bundle of joy: pics of our little bub Daniel, zero to three weeks of age (Sept. 2011).

  • Kalbarri (on Cress' facebook page): photos from our holiday in the Kalbarri national park, north of Perth (Sept. 2010).

  • Esperance: a few snapshots of our 10 day holiday on the coast near Esperance, in the south-west of Western Australia (April 2009).

  • Rock wallabies: helping Nicole out with trapping black-flanked rock-wallabies in Mt Caroline nature reserve, with Cress and Mark (January 2008).

  • Kimberley: our trip to the stunning Kimberley region, north of the state of Western Australia (June-July 2007).

  • Shark Bay: trip to Shark Bay and Kalbarri with Cress in April 2007.

  • Comet McNaught: spectacular display of the comet McNaught, viewed from Floreat beach on 19-01-07.

  • Wave Rock: trip to Wave Rock (and beyond...) with Giles and Cress (October 2006)

  • Iceland 2006: trip to amazing Iceland with Carine and Cress (June 2006)
    And also, check out this cool movie of the erupting geyser Strokkur: Strokkur.avi [11.3MB]

  • Christmas Trip 2005: our trip to the Stirling Ranges, South of Perth (Dec. 2005 - Jan. 2006)

  • Zoom from outer space: by popular demand (from Dad!), a plunging view onto Eric's breakfast
    (Images provided by Google Earth ... well, most of them anyway!)

  • Rottnest Island: relaxing weekend on the island off Perth (Oct. 2005)

  • Wildflowers II: during our weekend with Jeremy and Kate (Sept. 2005)

  • Wildflowers I: also during our weekend around Perth with Karen (Sept. 2005)

  • Home: some pictures of where we used to live

  • Pinnacles: the Pinnacles Desert, during our weekend with Karen (Sept. 2005)

  • Caving: caving trip to Margaret River (July 2005) with Cress, Sophie, Jim, Eva, and our personal guide Ian